The days of manual logs that keep track of every person that enters and exits a building is over. The modern-day version of this is fingerprint readers. Fingerprint readers have become a great asset for business owners. Here’s why businesses should consider using fingerprint readers:


Fingerprint readers are a great way of keeping your business secure. You will be aware of everyone that has entered or exited the building, and you can check who these individuals are during specific time frames if need be. The fingerprint readers are also very unique to the individual which means that no personnel who are not a part of your staff may enter the building, unless granted special access.


At first, these readers may seem quite expensive, but if you consider this investment over the long-term, you can see how it will reduce your business’ costs. Not only will it reduce the amount of resources you would need to manually monitor who is in the building, but – with regards to other digital options – it will reduce the costs of assigning people with key cards. Not to mention these cards will be lost which requires constant expenditure to make sure everybody always has a key card.


As mentioned above, other digital systems that use key cards are not as reliable as people will lose these cards and the system may become difficult to maintain. Systems that use passwords are also unreliable due to the risk of people forgetting their passwords or thieves learning the passwords. On the other end of the spectrum, manual systems are unreliable for various reasons, they leave many gaps for vulnerability. Fingerprint readers are a much more reliable access method than the rest.