Safety and security also speaks to having your possessions and items kept away in a secure place, with controlled access. This blog delves into tips on how to choose a quality safe, we are after all, the go-to company you can rely on for more than just a lock-and-key service.

10 Questions to answer about safes

There are different safety and security measures that one can implement in their home. From getting dogs, alarm systems, to surveillance systems; we would say that when you get a safe you get the last line of defence. Like we had said before,if  your valuables are going to be kept in your safe ,and so choosing the right one will go a long way. Here are the 10 pertinent questions you need to consider before getting a safe.

  1. Is the safe you want to buy fire resistant?
  2. What locking options do I want the safe to have?
  3. Is this safe going to be portable or will it be installed in my home?
  4. Who will I allow to have access to the safe?
  5. What material is the safe made of?
  6. What ratings does this safe have?
  7. What features does the safe have?
  8. What are the burglar resistance ratings on the safe?
  9. What is the capacity of items that the safe can hold?
  10. How much does the safe weigh?

All these questions are salient in helping you determine what kind of safe you want, what to store in it and where you may want to keep it.  You can contact us to help you answer these questions so that you can make a well-informed decision.

5 Total Locksmiths Tips to consider for choosing a quality safe

Yes, we have given you questions to consider, but we want to leave you secured with tips on how to go about choosing a quality safe. What makes this blog even better to understand is that you can check out our product and service offerings, and see that we also offer a variety of safes. Here are 5 tips to choosing a quality safe.

  • The weight of a safe also determines whether or not you can move it around or if it needs to be installed on a wall or floor. The weight is also determined by the kind of material that the safe is made of- another salient detail
  • You need to consider where you want to place the safe- this needs to be well thought out because it affects who has direct and indirect it.
  • The features of the safe you want are very important and they range from locking options, burglar and fire resistance, size and even the battery kilowatts it uses. The features need to match the purpose or intent that you wish to fulfill.
  • Taking the aforementioned questions into consideration, think carefully about the items you are going to place in your safe. Items or valuables that won’t be of great consequence to you should there be a burglary or fire. Another thing, storing an item like a gun in a safe only increases how careful and discreet you need to be with your safe, where it is located and who knows about it.
  • Consider having different locking options for your safe . If the safe has a passcode feature then it would be wise to have different pass codes to alternate between so that no one is able to get access to it.

In all these considerations, there is a trickle-down effect in how one tip affects another. This isn’t a bad thing as you can also get to weigh your options and not make an uninformed decision.

Safety and Security is guaranteed with Total Locksmiths

This blog looked into the questions you need to ruminate on before getting a safe. Furthermore, we give you tips on how to choose a quality safe that will be befitting for whatever purpose you need it for.