Safety and security are elements that will always be important in your home or business. So, whether you have moved or you have been in the same house for a long time or unfortunately, just lost your keys; then re-keying is something you need to look into. This blog aims to unpack the concept of rekeying, along with the benefits thereof. 

Isn’t Rekeying like changing a lock?

In as much as the concepts include a change in the lock system, re-keying and changing a lock aren’t the same thing. Changing a lock involved changing an old lock and replacing it with a new one altogether.

Rekeying is the process of changing the working key of the lock to a different one, without replacing the actual lock itself. In other words, you get to keep the same lock but the old key gets replaced with a new one, hence the old key will no longer be able to operate the lock. It means opening the lock and changing the tumblers in the lock cylinder, preventing the existing keys from working. 

And did you know, for business setups, it is recommended that they rekey their locks from 6 months to 2 years? This is due to several factors that may come from the internal or external operations of the business. Your home or business is always a priority to us, see our website for the services we offer and how we can give you quality for your money. 

9 Benefits of Rekeying 

At this point, you may be asking, “Why not change the entire lock?” Well, we have the answers to that in the form of the benefits of rekeying your locks. Here are 9 of them: 

1. Cheaper than actually replacing locks altogether.

2. Faster to do.

3. Improved security

4. Suitable for several situations- Purchase of a new home, remedying the lost key situation, etc.

5. Fixes security breaches quickly

6. No need for a lot of hardware. 

7. Allows for the option of having a master key. 

8. Allows you the freedom of changing locks frequently.

9. Doesn’t always require a locksmith if you can do it yourself.

Rekey your knowledge with Total Locksmiths

Your security is always a priority. This blog locked in on clarifying what rekeying is and the benefits thereof. For all your lock and key needs, get in touch with us or read our blogs for more information.