What is the first thing you think of when you plan a vacation? Surely it must be ascertained that all arrangements for a great getaway are in order, right? Well, we’d like to give you a different perspective…Your home security. This blog will delve into how you can secure your home while you’re on vacation. 

Amp up your security

Taking time to protect your home can never be in vain, if anything, it should always be the top priority. This is something we espouse at Total Locksmith, that’s why we go above and beyond just providing just a lock and key service. Your home security being tight will ensure that you enjoy your getaway trip fully. Home security ranges from indoor security and outdoor security; it also deals with things such as your electric appliances, water, and sewage, power surges, etc. There are also external factors to consider, such as watching what you share on social media so that potential thieves don’t catch wind of the fact that you’re far from home. Let’s get into the gist of the article and see exactly how you can secure your home while you’re on vacation.

Total Locksmith List of securing your humble abode while you’re on vacation

  1.  Remove your spare key- If you have a pot plant, flower pot, or special rock which you put your spare key under, be sure to remove it as they are the most obvious places for thieves to look and get entry into your home. Remove it completely and find a new system of leaving spare keys in a trusted space; because you can never guarantee that your home’s not a target for just anyone.
  2.  Set your lights on a timer- Light timers are a great way to give off the impression that all is normal in your household, even when you’re away. Not only are they a good way to increase security while you’re away, but they are cost-effective too. You can set the timers to automatically switch the lights on and off at the same time you normally would when you’re home. 
  3. Have a trusted friend or neighbour check in on your home- The key word with this point is trust. Having a reliable friend or neighbour check up on your home a couple of times will ensure that all is well, and it will also bring some human presence and motion to your house. 
  4. Check your doors and windows- Double-check your windows and doors to make sure that they are all closed; and monitor the areas around doors and windows to check for anything unusual. 
  5. Unplug all appliances and gadgets- This is to curtail any fire or power surges that may happen while you’re away. These can start up from coffee makers, TVs, lamps, or chargers. Make sure you’re prepared for just about anything. 
  6. Make provision for exterior lighting- If you don’t already have lights outside for when it gets dark, getting them as you plan your vacation planning would be wise. You can also set these lights on an automatic timer to deter burglars. 

Making sure that your home is protected and secure is not only something to see when you plan a vacation. We provide a comprehensive access control service that will go a long way in securing you and your family. Have a look at the services we offer so you can set your household security before and vacation in peace! 

We’re just a call away from you securing your humble abode. You can also fill in the form on our website and specify what you need us to lock in for you. 

Protect your home through the Total Locksmith way

Taking care of the home before anything else is integral and can never be compromised. We gave you a list of 6 tips about how you can protect your house and home while you’re on vacation. We care about giving you peace of mind and security. Happy vacation!