Digital Lock

Total Locksmith & Signs emphasizes the highest calibre of solutions and services. We specialize in securing your home and business with trusted techniques and improved digital locks. Total Locksmith & Signs takes the integrity of our solutions seriously and we adhere to affiliated bodies such as the SABS, LASA and PSIRA for standardised and regulated services and products. 

In this article, we will be looking at the Top 5 Best Digital Locks to Secure Your Home in 2022. To begin with, it should be important to define what a digital lock is and the main functionalities thereof. The electronic locks do not require the use of physical keys for access control which adds automatic features such as unlocking remotely and with additional components. 

  1. Wi-Fi Smart locks 

Smartphone integration and device implementation is becoming a prominent trend. The Wi-Fi is linked to the doors in your home, which means that you are able to enable remote access from any location. Most devices work with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. 

  • Voice Control Integration 

Adding to the Wi-Fi Smart Locks incorporation, Voice Control Integration would work by identifying a specific voice for keyless entry codes and also keeps a log of every action and motion control sensor. 

  • Code controlled digital locks

There are applications which are configured with generating new codes. Homes and complexes in estates predominantly use the code controlled digital locks which provide an overview of which vehicles entered and exited the estate. 

  • Biometric digital locks 

The use of biometric digital locks is also used in applications for the RFID with typing the PIN into the keypad. 

  • Camera Doorbell locks 

These are typically used in contexts where the camera is required for identifying who is at the door. 

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