Door closers are incredibly simple yet effective tools that are too often overlooked by property owners. These devices are placed on doors in order to close them after they have been opened, usually with dampers that allow the door to close slowly; however, their purpose extends far beyond merely closing a door slowly. Read all about door closers and their purpose below:


Door closers offer properties a certain level of security after each individual has passed through. This is because when these devices are accompanied with the correct locking system, it will ensure that your property has a reduced risk of being exposed to criminal activity.

Injury prevention

When purchasing door closers for the doors on your property, it is wise to choose closers that come with dampers. These dampers offer a certain level of control, ensuring that the doors close slowly. This is a very useful feature as it is a great way to prevent injuries by ensuring that the door does not close on children or individuals with reduced physical abilities.

Fire exit safety

Door closers are recommended for all fire doors on a property. This is due to the fact that all fire doors should always be kept closed. By using a door closer, you will ensure that all fire doors close automatically after they have been opened. It also has the added benefit of ensuring the safety of all individuals exiting through the fire doors due to the slow closing mechanism.

Bonus: Reduces noise

The dampers that are found on door closers offer the extra benefit of sound control. These dampers reduce the noise created by slamming doors, especially when the doors are heavy or are exposed to winds.