While a touch bar and a push bar are both panic exit devices, they are hardly the same. These devices play the same role in the safety of building occupants, however, they do not function or look the same. Read about the difference between a touch bar and a push bar below:

Touch bar

A touch bar is a type of panic device that is often found in areas such as schools, shopping centres, and other public places where there may be crowds. In the case of an emergency, these panic devices make it easy to exit an area in a rush by simply pressing on the bar to release the door. A touch bar is one of many different types of exit devices used to reduce the risk of panic in emergencies and is considered one of the most effective as the device is completely safe and easy to use.

Push bar

A push bar is similar to the touch bar in terms of its use and area of use. It is also an effective panic device and is useful in helping people navigate the exit door, even if they have never used it before. The only difference between a touch bar and a panic bar is their design. While the touch bar is a flat bar imbedded into the door, a push bar is a bar that is slightly raised, leaving a gap between the door and the bar.