Panic devices are mechanisms that we often see on doors in shopping centres, hospitals, and other enclosed areas. While we may see them often, many people do not recognise how the many benefits of panic devices. Read about a few of the benefits of panic devices below:

Quick evacuation

As is suggested by the name, panic devices are beneficial for use in situations where individuals are panicking. In these situations, people are most likely to use the quickest exit. In this case, any door with a panic device would be the best choice to exit out of as a simple touch or push will open the door, allowing people to evacuate in the quickest and safest manner.


These doors are generally used in an emergency, which means that the individuals exiting the building ate trying to get to safety. If there are no panic devices on the doors, it could disrupt the flow of movement slowing people down and leaving them at risk to dangers such as fires. The anxiety of being ‘trapped’ can also cause problems such as people being trampled on due to congestion.


One major benefit of these panic devices is that they come in various forms. Two of the most common types are the regular touch bars and push bars. However, there are many other types of panic devices and there are various features that can be added to these panic devices, such as alarms and more.