A push lock is one of many different types of door locks. This locks name stems from the fact that it can be locked merely by pushing the cylinder of the lock in until it clicks into position. Many people opt to use this locking system because of its advantages. Read about the advantages of push locks below:


Push locks are very convenient for quickly locking doors. Their locking mechanism is incredibly easy to use as it involves pressing on the lock cylinder. Some of the locks may still require the use of a key in order to press the cylinder in, while others involve no key in the locking process. Either way, the locking process of a push lock is hassle free.


Due to the quick locking action of the push locks, they allow you to secure a wide variety of products, such as a cabinet or drawer, with one swift movement. Not only do these locks provide security due to their ease of use, but they also have other security benefits including pick resistance. These locks are not easy to get into without a key, making them ideal for a variety of uses.


Push locks are very versatile in use due to the fact that they are easy to use and are highly secure. They are commonly used to secure cabinets and drawers but can be used on other products such as display cases with a need for high levels of security.