An automatic traffic barrier is a common feature in our day-to-day life as we often see or use them to access parking lots, complexes, business parks and other areas. In fact, these barriers are so common that we often overlook how advantageous they are. Read all about the advantages of automatic traffic barriers below:

Improved security

Automatic traffic barriers are an effective way of improving security. They offer the option of restricting access to certain individuals trying to gain unauthorised entry to a property. Criminals trying to enter the space will have a difficult time trying to bypass the electric motors used to control these barriers. This enhances the safety of the individuals and goods within the space. Automatic traffic barriers also provide security outside of business hours.

Traffic control

Traffic control requires coordination, and this is exactly what automatic traffic barriers provide. These barriers ensure that cars enter a space in a single stream that minimises the risk of traffic jams. Most automatic barrier systems will also only allow one car to access through each pass, reducing the chance of congestion further. Not only do they provide traffic control, but these barriers also ensure that traffic control can be handled without any manual interference.


The great thing about automatic traffic barriers is that they can be programmed to suit the needs of various businesses making them the ideal choice for any industry. Each barrier can be adapted for use in different ways and for different purposes, depending on the needs of the business.