Promotional branding

Total Locksmith & Signs is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that are sustainable and contributes to a competitive advantage for our clients. We believe that signage is one of the most critical components in promotional and corporate branding. 

It should be noted that Total Locksmith & Signs is affiliated with SABS approved and compliant safety signs, information signs as well as promotional branding signs. In this article, we will be discussing four main techniques for implementing promotional branding for boosting your business:

  1. Boost your brand with disclaimers about your business and processes

Consumers are becoming more interested in how the products that they invest in are created, produced and distributed. As an illustrative example – on the back of the packaging of products, business owners should be transparent with the ingredients used as well as where the materials were sourced from.

  • Enhance corporate colours, icons and slogans 

The most important component of branding is for the consumers to identify with the brand. The colours of your product should be consistent with the icons and slogans of the business. 

  • Incorporate the 5 main promotional strategies 

Promotional strategies include Advertising, Personal selling, Sales promotions, Public relations as well as Direct Marketing. Sales promotions could be used to emphasize discounts for particular products and services for brand awareness.  Another interesting promotional branding initiative is to have a pop-up store at different locations. 

  • Enhance your brand presence to as many locations as possible 

Digital streams of marketing could extend to organic searches on search engines for associated keywords. The experience of the product should provide credibility and instil confidence to your customers that your product is accessible and readily available across multiple locations. 

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