Garage Lock

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The process of replacing the Garage Lock should be completed by a professional. When your garage door has been exposed to a multitude of factors such as ultraviolet rays, general wear and tear as well as deterioration of the materials such as wood, steel and aluminium; it would be advisable for the garage lock to be replaced.

There are various components included in a garage lock and the main intention or functionality is to ensure that the garage door is locked properly. The garage door locks typically use keyed cylinders to secure the door. The locks are mounted at the centre of the door. 

The first step is to ensure that the garage door is closed and secured with a pair of vice grips. The second part to complete is removing the pin that secures the inside of the lock handle. Once that is complete, place a nail over the pin and tap the nail with a hammer. 

Additional equipment required for this would be to source pliers, pins and adhoc shafts. The bars join on the plate that mounts over the lock shaft. Disconnect the deadbolt by removing the securing screws with a screwdriver. The last step is to position the brackets between the lock shafts. 

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