Technology has made life so much easier for us, however, there are times when the gaps it can’t fill make life cumbersome for us. This blog looks at the electric lock and what you can do if it fails. This is a terrible situation to be caught in as it compromises your safety and interrupts the flow of your routine. Let’s look at some Total Locksmith tips to help with this situation.

What is meant by an electric lock? 

An electric lock, in the basic sense of the definition, is a lock that doesn’t require a key. This type of lock is also referred to as a smart lock or a keyless door lock. Sounds simple right? This lock is often paired or connected to a smartphone for control. Thank goodness for technology, because it can use fingerprints, combination codes, and facial recognition, and the most common one uses a pin code to unlock doors and allow access. 

Advantages of an Electric Lock

  • Fewer things to worry about if you tend to misplace things.
  • You can give access to those you choose, in case of an emergency or a situation that calls for this.
  • Helpful for household members with mobility problems. 

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How to deal with an electric lock that fails

1. Reboot, change, or replace batteries

2. Fix the jammed part of the lock either through the app or by repairing it

3. Change the lock code and reset the controller app

4. Have a backup key

5. Call on Total Locksmith for maintenance

These tips are straightforward due to how simple smart locks have made home owner’s lives, we figured that that’s how the solutions should also be. For more answers to your questions or information about home security and the like, have a look at our blogs

Last words

This blog was to-the-point, in a manner reflecting how electric or smart locks bring convenience to our lives. We have defined what these locks are, give you their advantages and just how you can deal with them should it fail to work. For more, visit our website or contact us! Stay safe and secure, the Total Locksmith way.