Importance of Regular Lock Maintenance and Inspection

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Locks are crucial in securing homes, businesses, and valuable possessions. However, like any mechanical device, locks require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they function properly and provide the level of security we depend on. In this blog article, we'll explore the importance of regular lock maintenance as well as inspection. Preventative Maintenance: Just like your [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to locks: What to look for in a padlock.

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There are different locks that help one feel safe and secure in any space they occupy or leave their belongings in. This time, our aim is to look at the padlock, and what to look for in it. What’s imperative to us is always providing you with insight that goes beyond a lock and key service. Padlock [...]

Electric Locks 101: What to do if your electric lock fails

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Technology has made life so much easier for us, however, there are times when the gaps it can’t fill make life cumbersome for us. This blog looks at the electric lock and what you can do if it fails. This is a terrible situation to be caught in as it compromises your safety and interrupts the [...]

Mini Guide to Security: Home security upgrades you should consider

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Home is where the heart is. It is your safe haven and sanctuary , so of course, feeling safe in your own home will always be a priority for as long as you stay there. This Total Locksmiths article is a guide to the security upgrades that you should consider for your home. Understanding home security [...]

Total Lockout Guide: Do’s and Don’ts of when you’re locked out of your home

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Locked out of your house? Or has this ever happened to you before? If it hasn’t, well, we are here with a list of do’s and don’ts to follow in this dreadful situation. This blog will divulge Total Locksmith tips that will help you navigate and maneuver your way through and out of this situation.  Should [...]

Total Locksmiths Safe Guide: How to choose a quality safe

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Safety and security also speaks to having your possessions and items kept away in a secure place, with controlled access. This blog delves into tips on how to choose a quality safe, we are after all, the go-to company you can rely on for more than just a lock-and-key service. 10 Questions to answer about safes [...]

DIY the Total Locksmiths way: 5 Best DIY home security systems

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There are many ways to upgrade your home security. Sure, it may be less costly than the traditional, hardwired security options but it is also just as efficient and it’s technology savvy too. This blog looks at the 5 best DIY home security systems you can look into, the Total Locksmiths way.  Security system check: What [...]

Total Locksmith Security Tips: How to secure your home while on vacation

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What is the first thing you think of when you plan a vacation? Surely it must be ascertained that all arrangements for a great getaway are in order, right? Well, we’d like to give you a different perspective…Your home security. This blog will delve into how you can secure your home while you’re on vacation.  Amp [...]

Common types of commercial locks

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You’ve put your all into building your business, so it only makes sense that you’d want to keep everything safe, along with your co-workers, visitors and clients. When you are the owner of a business, security is one of your top priorities. Whether you are securing confidential or sensitive information, expensive equipment or merchandise, or your [...]

Can you program a transponder key without the original?

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Over the last 30 years of operation in the locksmith industry, we have witnessed people either locked out or in their cars, broken their car keys, and even worse, lost their keys. If and when that happens, you have to replace it. But what if you have to make the replacement car key without the original? [...]