Common types of commercial locks

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You’ve put your all into building your business, so it only makes sense that you’d want to keep everything safe, along with your co-workers, visitors and clients. When you are the owner of a business, security is one of your top priorities. Whether you are securing confidential or sensitive information, expensive equipment or merchandise, or your [...]

Can you program a transponder key without the original?

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Over the last 30 years of operation in the locksmith industry, we have witnessed people either locked out or in their cars, broken their car keys, and even worse, lost their keys. If and when that happens, you have to replace it. But what if you have to make the replacement car key without the original? [...]

Total Locksmith at your service: What to expect when calling a Locksmith?

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One thing about our services is that it is backed up by experience and quality. It is key for us to make sure we put our best foot forward in all that we do in this lock and key business. Speaking of services, this blog looks at what you can expect when you log a call [...]

Total Locksmiths Rekeying Guide

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Safety and security are elements that will always be important in your home or business. So, whether you have moved or you have been in the same house for a long time or unfortunately, just lost your keys; then re-keying is something you need to look into. This blog aims to unpack the concept of rekeying, [...]

Lock and Key Guide: Deadlocks vs Mortice Locks

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With over 30 years in the Lock and Key business, we can safely say that we have the experience and rapport to give you guidelines on the different types of locks, keys, and  top-tier locksmith service for your home or business. The gist of this blog is to illuminate the differences between a mortice lock and [...]

What are the most common door lock problems people encounter

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Door lock problems creep up from time to time, and it is something that every homeowner has to deal with. It might not be something that happens frequently in one’s home, but it is vital to ensure that your door locks are functioning properly to guarantee your safety and of your belongings. Below are some of [...]

7 Essential Safety & Construction Signs and What They Mean

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Construction Signs Total Services is a trailblazer in creating unique solutions for clients with a vision. We are passionate about delivering an unmatched set of quality signage solutions for various applications. Construction is an industry that requires a multitude of safety regulations and guidance on site to prevent injuries and streamline operational processes. In this article, [...]

5 of the Best Locksmiths in South Africa

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Locksmiths Total Services is an industry leader in providing niche locksmith and sign solutions across various industries, contexts and applications. We are at the forefront of securing your home and business with advanced quality techniques and supreme client service delivery.  In this article, we will be looking at some of the best locksmiths to include in [...]

5 Creative Ways You Can Use Illuminated Signs

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Illuminated Signs Total Services offers a comprehensive range of products and services that puts your project or business at the forefront of innovation and incredible design. We incorporate the highest calibre of creativity combined with cutting edge solutions. In this article, we will be discussing 5 Creative Ways in which Illuminated Signs can be used. Illuminated [...]

How To Install A Door Closer A Comprehensive Mini Guide

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Door closer Total Services is at the forefront of providing an array of services that can be adapted to various industries and contexts. We are affiliated with the highest calibre of standards and industry body standards such as the SABS, LASA and PSIRA. . To begin with, it would be important to understand what a Door [...]