Vehicle signs

Total Locksmith & Signs offers a comprehensive category of products and services that can be incorporated in a multitude of industries and applications. This includes, but is not limited to Safety Signs, Construction Signs, Illuminated Signs, Ad Hoc Signs, Vehicle Signage, Promotional Signs, Decorative Signage as well as Rubber Stamps and Number Plates. 

In this article, we will be identifying and discussing a comprehensive list of vehicle signs and what they mean. The vehicle signs available from Total Locksmith & Signs include branding across various vehicles such as trucks and corrugated trailer branding. There are also vehicle signs that can be applied to earthmoving equipment as well as vehicle wrapping. 

Vehicle signs are used to represent rules to ensure regulations are adhered to for safety purposes as well as to communicate messages to reduce accidents. The signs are placed in areas along or beside roads or highways to regulate the flow of traffic for vehicles, pedestrians and other travellers on the road. 

The categories of the vehicle signs can include Guidance vehicle signs that are generally categorized as white characters on larger green boards such as on the highways. Warning vehicle signs are typically displayed with black characters with symbols on a yellow diamond. The last category would include regulation vehicle signs which are red or blue circles. 

Regulatory Signs include stop signs, yield signs, 3-way stop signs; yield to pedestrian’s signs as well as yield to oncoming traffic signs. Command signs confirm the minimum speed signs, vehicles exceeding mass as well as proceeding directions. 

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