Construction Signs

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Construction is an industry that requires a multitude of safety regulations and guidance on site to prevent injuries and streamline operational processes. In this article, we will be identifying the 7 Essential Safety & Construction Signs.

There are different symbols, colours and specific places in which these construction signs should be placed.

  1. Prohibition Signs

The first category of safety signs is a prohibition sign to provide guidance on an instruction not to do something. This can also be classified as a danger sign that advises an individual not to proceed. Most prohibition signs are red and have a red or white diagonal line through it.

  • Warning Signs

Pictograms are usually placed in a yellow triangle to display the possible implications of an individual doing something. The aim behind a warning sign is a gesture of “Be Careful” or “Be Aware”, with certain scenarios pertaining to voltage, minding the steps at the construction site or any fragile structures around.

  • Safe condition signs

Safe condition signs are used to follow for safety and guidance. Prominent colours associated with safe condition signs are green and white, with pictograms such as arrows.

  • Fire Equipment Signs

The fire equipment signs show you where the fire equipment is and the sign has a square or rectangular shape.  Some examples include a fire extinguisher, fire alarm call point and control panels.

  • Mandatory Signs

The blue background with white pictograms is typically used for obeying the rules on site.

  • Cautionary signs

The yellow and black signs are indicative of “Area under construction” and prompts construction workers and the general public to be cautious of specific areas or structural elements.

  • Specific equipment safety signs

Descriptions such as “Keep clear of swing radius of cranes” could caution individuals and operators with heavy machinery and equipment.

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