Illuminated Signs

Illuminated vs. Non-Illuminated Signage: Here's What You Need To Know

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In this article, we will be discussing 5 Creative Ways in which Illuminated Signs can be used. Illuminated signs are typically used in the form of displays, billboards or other signage displays with an internal light source.

  • Adjusting the level of brightness depending on the location to attract attention

The backlit signs are electrically-lighted business signs which transmit through a translucent panel and can be customised according to requirements such as third party locations. Customisations can further be extended to the logo, details of the company and any other specific information that is required to be featured.

  • Save on energy costs at any time of the day or night

From the perspective on energy efficiency, the illuminated signs use half of the LED light capacity to illuminate twice as bright by replacing non-energy efficient fluorescent bulbs with a high-end LED product that can shine 24/7 without incurring excessive energy bills.

  • Set up the illuminated signs against a contrasted wall or brick surface

Creating a hybrid and contrasted design light box is a great way to balance the man-made look of an illuminated light against a more organic material such as brick. This is an easy way to convey the logo or title of the business.

  • Use illuminated signs in different aisles

By providing navigational signs with illuminated signage, customers are more likely to feel engaged and have an intuitive experience while shopping.

  • Customise the illuminated signage according to your product or service offering

Instead of mounting the illuminated sign to a pole or building, consider mounting up the signs by crafting the signage to the product. This paves the way for your customers to associate your product or service with something eye-catching and aligned with the brand theme and colours.

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